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Welcome to Gamers Club Anti-Cheat Software License Agreement. This document was last updated in February 2022.

This license agreement governs your use of Gamers Club Anti-Cheat Software. In this document we may refer to Gamers Club Ltda. as “Gamers Club”, “we”, or “us”. BY INSTALLING, ACTIVATING, OR USING GAMERS CLUB ANTI-CHEAT SOFTWARE YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY.


If you subscribe to Gamers Club’s services, it means you want a fun, controlled, and safe environment to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

For Gamers Club to be able to deliver this environment, an anti-cheat software must be used, which is provided by our partner Emac Lab.

This software guarantees that we will have a cheat-free environment and it will enable us to remove those who insist on cheating from the platform.


This license agreement discloses our privacy practices and the choices you can make on how your information is collected and how that information is used by us/ Emac Lab.

By installing, activating, or using Gamers Club Anti-Cheat, you become a licensee with the right to use the software indefinitely. It is important that you know that the ownership of the software remains with Emac Lab (the “Licensor”), and that it is also licensed to Gamers Club.

As a Licensee you agree to all the terms of this agreement. The Licensor reserves all rights not specifically granted and transferred to the Licensee.

By installing, activating, or using Gamers Club Anti-Cheat, you understand and agree to the following:

1. Updates. Gamers Club Anti-Cheat will automatically, without notice to the Licensee, download and install updates from time to time.

2.Gamers Club Anti-Cheat features. The Anti-Cheat software can scan the memory, and any Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game-related and system-related files and folders on the hard drive which are essential to detect cheats, and report the results to other connected computers of or linked to the Licensor for the sole purpose of detecting illegal programs and cheats. Thus, the data collection by the Anti-Cheat software is strictly limited to information necessary to secure your gaming experience and is used solely for this purpose. Access and processing of such data is limited to key personnel and analysis is done in most part by automated systems.

The collection and storage of data by Gamers Club Anti-Cheat Software complies with applicable laws for the protection of your privacy, including, without limitation, the Brazilian Data Protection Laws (“LGPD”), the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

The anti-cheat operates to ensure the safety of your game.

By installing the software and playing on our platform, you agree that the decrease in your privacy resulting from running the Anti-Cheat software in conjunction with the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game is not as valuable as the ability to play the game in a cheat-free secure environment provided by the software.

Emac Lab provides Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind. The Licensor does not guarantee the correct and error-free operation of the Anti-Cheat software, nor is the Licensor liable for any damage caused by the misuse of Gamers Club Anti-Cheat.


The data collected will be stored on our servers for a period of 6 (six) months and will be used strictly as proof of appropriate or inappropriate conduct in the game, and nothing further, pursuant to Art. 15, Subsection III, of the Internet Civil Mark Law enacted in Brazil.

Your personal information protection is important to Emac Lab and to Gamers Club. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of this information, Emac Lab and Gamers Club use appropriate physical hardware, administrative, and security techniques and procedures to safeguard the information we collect in confidence. However, no system is 100% safe from all possible dangers, thus we cannot guarantee that our communication or the information stored on our servers and/or from our agents and service providers will be completely free of unauthorized access and disclosure of information. Your use of the Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software is evidence of your acknowledgment of and tolerance for this risk.

When participating in any match, Gamers Club Anti-Cheat will be used, including events sponsored by third parties. You agree that Gamers Club and/or Emac Lab is not obligated to disclose any particular information and technical evidence collected by Gamers Club Anti-Cheat under any circumstances, including the circumstance in which you or a member of your team is detected using a cheat by Gamers Club Anti-Cheat, as this would risk the efficacy of the software and jeopardize the safety and cheat-free environment that we aim to provide to our users.


The Licensor grants Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use Gamers Club Anti-Cheat, for non-commercial purposes only. The Licensee, therefore, does not own the Anti-Cheat software, Emac Lab remains the sole owner of Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software.

The Licensor may terminate the license at any time for any reason and without notice to the Licensee.

The Licensee may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, modify or redistribute Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software in any way.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Licensor and Licensee and supersedes any prior representations for the use of the Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software.

This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Brazil. We make no representation that Gamers Club Anti-Cheat software is operated in accordance with the laws or regulations of other states, territories, or countries.

You agree that any action of whatever nature arising from or relating to this agreement will be filed only in the courts located in city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. You consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of any such action.