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Welcome to the Terms of Service of Gamers Club Ltda. (“Gamers Club”, “we”, “us”). This document was last updated in February 2022.
These Terms of Service govern your use of the platform at www.gamersclub.gg, and other related services offered to you by Gamers Club.


Gamers Club

Gamers Club is a Brazilian company that provides online subscription services for the esports gaming community. For more information access “About Us” on our website.


You must be at least 13 years old to use our services. If you are not of legal age in your state, territory, or country, you can only subscribe to Gamers Club's services and register for any tournaments with the permission of your parents or guardians. By using our services, you agree to comply with the age restrictions set by your state, territory, or country of residence and certify that you meet the age and any other eligibility requirements for the activities offered on our platform. IF YOU DO NOT MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS, PLEASE DISCONTINUE USING OUR PLATFORM IMMEDIATELY.


By using our platform and services, you agree to these Terms of Service, our Privacy Policy(https://privacy.gamersclub.gg/global/privacy) and our Rules of Conduct (https://privacy.gamersclub.gg/global/conduct). If you do not agree with any of these documents, do not use Gamers Club platform and services.


To access Gamers Club's platform and services, you need internet access. You are responsible for all internet access charges. Check with your internet provider for information about data usage costs.

Personal Information

When you sign up and or subscribe to Gamers Club's services, you will have to provide some of your personal and financial information. The handling of your personal information is done in accordance with our Privacy Policy. (https://privacy.gamersclub.gg/global/privacy). Please read this document before giving out any of your information.

Password and Account Access

Gamers Club's services and all content viewed through Gamers Club's platform and services are intended solely for personal, non-commercial use.
During your Gamers Club subscription, Gamers Club grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access the platform and services.

  • Your access cannot, in any way, be borrowed or given away to any other person. You may not allow anyone to access your account or participate in tournaments using your account. This is grounds for immediate banishment from the platform!
  • You are responsible for providing complete and accurate information to us, and to updating and maintaining the truthfulness, completeness, and accuracy of the information provided to Gamers Club regarding your account and may be liable for misrepresentation if you provide false information. Knowingly providing incomplete or inaccurate information to Gamers Club may also result in immediate termination of your Gamers Club account.
  • To simplify access to your account and help administer Gamers Club's services, Gamers Club employs technologies that allow us to recognize you as the account holder and give you direct access to your account without requiring you to enter your password or any other personally identifiable information when you log back into the platform. This includes accessing Gamers Club through third party applications that interact with Gamers Club's platform or website. Please click here to read our Privacy Policy.


To use Gamers Club's services, you need to provide a valid and accepted payment method, which may be updated from time to time.

You can edit your payment method details by going to Gamers Club's website and clicking on “Gamers Club Profile”, the link displayed at the top of every page on Gamers Club's website.

After the free trial, we will charge the monthly subscription price to your payment method, which will continue month-to-month unless you or Gamers Club terminates your subscription. Thus, by initiating your subscription, you authorize Gamers Club to charge from the payment method the equivalent of one month's subscription at the current price at the time of charging, as well as any other amounts charged in connection with your use of Gamers Club's services.

You agree that the amount charged each month may vary for reasons such as promotional offers, the redemption of prepaid cards and promotional codes, and/or the change or addition of plans. You agree and authorize Gamers Club to charge from your payment method such variable amounts.

To avoid being charged for the next payment cycle, you need to cancel your subscription prior to its monthly renewal date. In other words: Gamers Club will continue to charge the subscription price from your payment method every month until you cancel.

Charging Cycle

Once your subscription has taken effect and the free trial has ended, Gamers Club will charge you on the day your paid subscription period begins.
Thereafter, on the same day each month, Gamers Club will automatically charge you until you or Gamers Club cancel the service.
Gamers Club reserves the right to change the charging cycle.
If your paid subscription has started on a day that does not recur in a given month, Gamers Club will charge from your payment method on an applicable day of the month or on such other day as it deems appropriate.
The renewal date of your subscription may change due to changes to your subscription. (e.g. subscription started on the 31st of the month).

Visit Gamers Club's website and click on “Gamers Club Profile” on the “Manage Account” page for information on your next subscription period start date and cancellation option.

Still talking about subscriptions

Subscription Plans

Gamers Club may offer different subscription plans to its customers, as well as change its conditions for new customers, without prior notice. In summary, you should know that:
Gamers Club may offer different subscription plans, including promotional plans or subscriptions, with different conditions and limitations.
New promotional subscription plans may not be applicable to existing subscribers.
If any released subscription plan contains any terms materially different from those contained in these Terms of Service, these will be disclosed to you during subscription or in other communications made available to you.
You will find specific details about your Gamers Club subscription by going to Gamers Club's website and clicking on the “Gamers Club Profile” link.

Price changes

Gamers Club reserves the right to change, terminate or modify the subscription plans offered at any time.

Gamers Club reserves the right to change the prices of Gamers Club's services, or parts of the services, in any way, at any time, and at its own exclusive discretion.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms of Service, any changes to the prices for the services will be effective upon our sending an email communication to you. ;By continuing to use our services you agree to the price change. You will be charged the new price in your next charging cycle.

All transactions will be denominated in U.S. dollars unless expressly stated otherwise. Please be aware that your payment processor may first convert the funds into U.S. dollars and that the rates used by such payment processor may be different for each transaction. You may also be charged a fee by the payment processor for the conversion of the funds. Your payment processor will apply a conversion rate to the transaction according to its own policies – please contact your payment processor for more information on conversion fees and rates.

Third-party promotions

Certain promotional subscriptions may be offered by third parties in conjunction with products and services of those third parties (e.g. anyone with credit card “x” gets a discount to subscribe to Gamers Club's plans).

Gamers Club is not responsible for the products and services provided by such third parties.

Free Trial Period

Your Gamers Club subscription can start with a free trial period.

The period of free subscription usage will be for a duration specified at the time of registration.

Combos can be restricted, as specified in each new offer.

The free trial period is only for new subscribers and or certain former subscribers of Gamers Club's services. Gamers Club reserves itself the right to determine in its sole discretion who qualifies for a free trial.

Gamers Club may cancel or modify free trials at any time, regardless of prior notice.

At the end of the free trial, we will start to automatically charge you on a monthly basis. You will not be notified by Gamers Club that your free trial has expired or that the paid period of your subscription has begun. You should pay attention to the dates and deadlines informed at the time of your registration and cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial to avoid being charged.


Payment Failure

If a payment is unsuccessful, your responsibility for the amount you owe continues.

In the event that we are unable to offset an amount due from your payment method in full, whether due to expiration, insufficient funds or any other reason, and you do not change your payment method details or cancel your account (see “Cancellation” section below for additional information), you will remain liable for the entire unpaid amount and you authorize Gamers Club to continue to charge from the payment method, which may be updated

This may change the dates of your charging cycle.

For certain payment methods, the financial institution of the payment method may charge international financial transactions or other fees. Check with the financial institution of your payment method for more information.


You can cancel your subscription whenever you want by accessing My Profile > Manage account > Subscriptions - Cancel subscription. Then follow the instructions for cancellation.

In the first 7 (seven days) the repentance can be carried out free of charge, that is, we will refund the amounts charged if you cancel. However, you should keep in mind that the repentance with chargeback can only be performed once, as this period is intended to ensure that you have time to get to know our service.

If there is no regret within the first 7 days, but a later cancellation, you will continue to have access to the Gamers Club service until the end of the current billing cycle, at which point your access will be automatically closed.

Unless you cancel your subscription before the end of a charging cycle, we will automatically charge you for the next charging cycle. If you cancel your subscription during a charging cycle, you will continue to have access to Gamers Club's services until the end of the current charging cycle, at which point your access will be automatically closed.

It bears repeating: Gamers Club does not refund or give credit for partially used subscription periods, and you will continue to have access to our services until the end of the current charging cycle.

If the credit or debit card is not yours: If you have subscribed to Gamers Club and you have entered a third-party payment method (for example, if you are a minor and your parent has paid for your subscription), and you wish to cancel your subscription, you may need to do so together with the third-party payment method holder..

This may be necessary even during free trial period.

You can also verify your Gamers Club subscription charging information with the third-party in question.


Payments are non-refundable and there will be no refunds or credits for partially used subscription periods. However, after cancellation, you will continue to have access to the services until the end of the current charging period.

At any time and for any reason, Gamers Club may refund, give discounts or other forms of consideration (e.g. credits) to any or all of its subscribers.

The value and form of such credits, as well as the decision to issue them, are at Gamers Club's sole and absolute discretion.

One-time credits will not entitle you to credits in the future for similar situations, nor will it require Gamers Club to issue credits in the future under any circumstances.

Services Provided By Gamers Club

Gamers Club is a platform that allows you to play several online esports games in a safe and controlled virtual environment.

Warranties and disclaimers. The Gamers Club's Service IS PROVIDED “AS IT IS”, without guarantees or conditions. Our service may not be free from interruptions or errors. Gamers Club, however, guarantees to undertake the maximum efforts to restore services, in the event of interruption, in the shortest possible time. These Terms shall not limit any warranties and any binding of non-waivable consumer protection rights that apply to you. In this case, in the event of an interruption in the supply of services for more than 7 (seven) consecutive days, Gamers Club will guarantee a proportional reduction in the price paid for your subscription, in the subsequent invoices.

Gamers Club continuously updates the platform and services. Gamers Club reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the way the services are offered and operated from time to time without notice.

Different aspects of the services are tested continuously, including the website, user interfaces, service levels, plans, promotional features.

Gamers Club reserves the right to conduct tests, and by using the services you agree that Gamers Club may include or exclude you from such tests without notice.

Your responsibilities and obligations when using Gamers Club's services.

1. Besides respecting laws, there are also Rules of Conduct specific to Gamers Club's services.

To become a Gamers Club subscriber, you must agree to these Rules of Conduct.

Read the rules

2. We give you permission to temporarily download one copy of the materials (information or software) on the platform for personal, non-commercial transitory use only. This is the grant of a license, not a transfer of title, and under this license you may not: (a) modify or copy the materials; (b) use the materials for any commercial purpose, or for any public display (commercial or non-commercial); (c) attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contained on Gamers Club's website; (d) remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from the materials; or (e) transfer the materials to another person or “mirror” the materials on any other server. This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions or cancel your subscription and may be terminated by us at any time. Upon terminating your viewing of these materials or upon the termination of this license, you must destroy any downloaded materials in your possession whether in electronic or printed format

3. You are responsible for your use of our platform. While using the platform, you may not: (1) violate any laws or regulations; (2) violate, infringe, or misappropriate third parties' intellectual property, privacy, publicity, or other legal rights; (3) post or share anything that is illegal, abusive, harassing, harmful to reputation, pornographic, indecent, profane, obscene, hateful, racist, or otherwise objectionable; (4) send unsolicited or unauthorized advertising or commercial communications, such as spam; (5) engage in spidering or harvesting, or participate in the use of software, including spyware, designed to collect data from the platform or services; (6) transmit any viruses or other computer instructions or technological means whose purpose is to disrupt, damage, or interfere with the use of computers or related systems, or interfere with communications on our platform; (7) stalk, harass, or harm another user or individual; (8) impersonate any person or entity or perform any other similar fraudulent activity, such as phishing; (9) use any means to scrape or crawl any web pages contained in the platform; (10) attempt to circumvent any technological measure implemented by us or any of our providers or any other third party (including another user) to protect the platform or services; (11) attempt to decipher, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer any of the software or other underlying code used to provide the platform or services; (12) use automatic, macro, bots, automated programs, screen analysis utilities, alien technology, memory readers, mods, or similar technologies to gain advantage or affect results of matches played on our platform; (13) make changes to human skills used in matches on our platform; (14) advocate, encourage, or assist any third party in doing any of the above.

4. Other than the User Content, we own or license all right, title, and interest in and to: (a) the platform and services, including all software, text, media, and other content available on platform and services (“Our Content”); and (b) our trademarks, logos, and brand elements (“Marks”). The platform and services, Our Content, and Marks are all protected under Brazilian, U.S. and international laws. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any portion of the HTML/CSS, Javascript, or visual design elements or concepts without our express written permission.

5. The platform allows you to upload, submit, store, send, or receive content and data (“User Content”). You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that User Content. When you upload, submit, store, send, or receive User Content to or through the platform, you give us permission to reproduce and use your User Content as follows: you grant to us and those we work with a license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works (such as translations, adaptations, or other changes we make so that User Content works better with the platform and services), publicly perform, publicly display, and distribute your User Content. This license is for the limited purpose of operating, promoting, and improving the platform and services, and to develop new services. Our license to your User Content is non-exclusive, meaning you may use the User Content for your own purposes or let others use your User Content for their purposes. This license is fully paid and royalty free, meaning we do not owe you anything else in connection with our use of your User Content. We may exercise our rights under this license anywhere in the world and in any media. This license is perpetual, meaning that our rights under this license continue even after you stop using the platform and services. We may refuse to accept or transmit User Content for any reason, and we may remove User Content from the platform or services for any reason. You promise Gamers Club that: (1) you own all rights to your User Content or that you have the right to give us the rights described above; and (2) your User Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, or other legal rights of any third party.

6. Gamers Club makes no claims or guarantees regarding the quality of the servers. The response time of the servers may vary depending on a number of factors, including your location, the bandwidth available, and the settings of your computer and its compatibility with Gamers Club's platform.

About our servers

Gamers Club's services have no country restriction, so anyone of any nationality that does not have any restrictions imposed on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) can use our services.

Gamers Club servers are located in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, United States and Spain. Due to the location of our servers, some regions may suffer from lags or other connection problems due to the distance between the user and the server.

Gamers Club is not responsible for any connection problems due to distance between servers or problems with the user's internet provider.

It is the user's responsibility to check the server location before starting a match.

The use of VPN or any other means to circumvent connection restrictions for certain regions is prohibited and the user is entirely liable. Be aware that Gamers Club may monitor your location, block your access if it in good faith believes that you are accessing the platform from a location where it is unlawful to do so, and may also ban the user who performs such acts.

Still Talking About our Products and Services

Prepaid cards and promotions

Gamers Club's services prepaid cards may be offered for sale at retail outlets and third-party websites.

These prepaid cards can be redeemed on Gamers Club's website.

Other types of promotional codes may be available from time to time, including as part of third-party promotions. Promotional codes can be redeemed as per the description of the specific promotion. If you receive a promotional code through an offer from a third-party, additional restrictions may apply.

Prepaid cards and promotional codes may only be used once, may not be redeemed for cash, may not be combined with other offers, including free trials, and may be subject to certain restrictions as determined by Gamers Club in its sole discretion.

Infractions and Penalties

As a Gamers Club user you are subject to the Rules of Conduct (https://privacy.gamersclub.gg/global/conduct), and failure to comply with the Rules of Conduct will authorize Gamers Club, at its discretion, to impose penalties on you for your unauthorized User Conduct.

Read, once again, the Rules of Conduct. Penalties range from suspension of services to permanent banning of your account and subscription, plus forfeiture of all prizes, credits or incentives held by user. Additionally, Gamers Club reserves the right to inform the competent authorities about any illegal activity on its platform and to seek criminal/civil prosecution.


The results of tournaments shall reflect users skills. Gamers Club makes no representations as to an individual user's chances of winning any tournament on the platform. Gamers Club shall determine the results and winners of each tournament on the platform and may at its own discretion publicly post results, winners, and information on your gaming activity, including: (1) nickname; (2) gameplay data; (3) ranking; (4) statistics; and (5) bans. By using our services, you agree to be bound by such determinations and to have your results and wins posted on the platform.

The winning team of a championship is determined according to the result of the match called "Grand Final", regardless of the competitive format. Therefore, the team that wins the match in question is considered the champion.


Some tournaments promoted by Gamers Club can generate prizes.

The distribution or not of prizes will be defined before the beginning of each dispute and can be checked at any time - and may be changed without prior notice. If you win a tournament on our platform, you agree that gamers Club may at its sole discretion print, publish and or broadcast, without any restrictions, your picture, avatar, nickname, voice, likeness, or bio without any compensation to you.

The rules of each tournament can be found on "Championship Rules" button.

Tournaments prizes can be found within the grades of each tournament and may include medals, invitations to closed tournaments, league promotion, and more.

The prizes for each ranked match can be found within the “Ranking” tab on the platform and can include medals, invitations to closed ranked match, and physical and virtual products.

The championships and ranked matches are a benefit for our subscribers.

Gamers Club will have up to 45 days from the end of each tournament to send or pay prizes, except for virtual medals, which will be delivered within 7 days.

Gamers Club Coins

Gamers Club Coins are virtual currencies for exclusive use on Gamers Club's platform - there is no exchange between players on or off the platform, and therefore there is no way to withdraw or cash them out from within the platform.

There are two kinds of "coins":

Gamers Club Gold. Currency acquired through purchase and for exclusive use within the platform.

Gamers Club Silver. Currency acquired through quests, playing lobby, and ranked matches.

It is not possible to exchange Gold for Silver and vice versa, and both are exclusively designed for purchasing products in the platform's Coins Shop.

If you are banned, any coins you have earned or acquired will be immediately deleted and there is no right or means to get them back.

Be careful with your personal data!

It is worth remembering: your password is personal and non- transferable. Transferring or giving away your password will get you banned from the platform.

Be cautious with respect to communications that ask you to submit credit card or other information about your account.

Responding to such communications with personal information may result in the theft of your personal data.

Always access your personal account information directly on Gamers Club's website, and do not click on links in emails or other types of electronic communications, even if the communication appears official to you.

Gamers Club reserves the right to suspend any account at any time, with or without notice to the account holder, to protect itself and associated companies from suspected fraudulent activity.

Gamers Club shall not be obligated to indemnify, refund or give discounts to subscribers whose accounts have been suspended by a Gamers Club representative or by automated processes implemented by Gamers Club in such circumstances.

Customer Service

For more information about Gamers Club's services and its features, or if you need help with your account, please visit Gamers Club Help Center (https://help.gamersclub.com.br).

In some cases, the best option for customer service is to use a remote access tool that gives you full access to your computer. By requesting support and service, you agree to it (Read our Privacy Policy).

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

What is copyright? Copyright protects original works of authorship and includes numerous types of works, such as: paintings, photographs, illustrations, musical compositions, sound recordings, computer programs, blog posts, videos, etc.

Notices of Infringement: We respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement and terminate accounts of repeat infringers. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please forward the following information to support@gamersclub.com.br or Rua Maria Soares Leitão, nº 112, Jardim Campolim, Sorocaba/SP, Brazil, CEP 18047-690, with the following information: (1) your address, telephone number, and email address; (2) description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed; (3) description of where the alleged infringing material is located; (4) statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by you, the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; (5) electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest; and (6) statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Counter-notice: If you believe content that was removed (or to which access was disabled) is not infringing, or that you have the authorization from the copyright owner, the copyright owner's agent, or pursuant to the law, to post and use such content, you may submit a counter-notice to the address listed above containing the following information: (1) your physical or electronic signature; (2) identification of the content that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the content appeared before it was removed or disabled; (3) statement that you have a good faith belief that the content was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification; (4) your name, physical address, telephone number, and e-mail address. After we receive your counter-notice, we will forward it to the party who submitted the original claim of copyright infringement. Please note that when we forward the counter-notice, it includes your personal information. By submitting a counter-notice, you consent to having your information revealed in this way. We will not forward the counter-notice to any party other than the original claimant. After we send out the counter-notice, the claimant must then notify us within 10 days that he or she has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain you from engaging in infringing activity relating to the content that was removed or disabled. If we receive such notice, we will be unable to restore the material. If we do not receive such notice, we may reinstate the material.

A little "legalese" to (almost) finish

We try to keep our Terms of Service as simple as possible, but there are a few things that Gamers Club needs to be careful about. Please be aware of the following (and if you have any questions, please contact our support team):

1. Gamers Club's services and all associated content and software, as well as any other features or functionality associated with the service, are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, gamers club and its officers, employees, directors, shareholders, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and licensors (“affiliates”) disclaim all warranties, conditions, and representations of any kind, whether express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, including those related to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement and those arising out of course of dealing or usage of trade.

2. Gamers Club makes no representations or warranties of any kind that your use of the services will be continuous or risk-free. in particular, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, gamers club and its affiliates make no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of content available on or through the site or services, or the content of any websites or online services linked to or integrated with the site or services. our company and its affiliates will have no liability for any: (i) technical, hardware, or software malfunctions; (ii) errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies of content; (iii) personal injury or property damage resulting from your access to or use of the site or services; (iv) any unauthorized access to or use of our servers or of any personal information or user data; (v) any interruption of transmission to or from the platform or services, including lost network connections and disconnects from matches; (vi) any bugs, viruses, trojan horses, or the like which may be transmitted on or through the platform or services by any third party; or (vii) any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content posted or shared through the platform or services.

3. You understand and agree that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, any material or information downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the platform or services is done at your own risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage arising from doing so. no advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from us or through the platform or services will create any warranty not expressly made.

4. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will we be liable to you or to any third party for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages (including for loss of profits, revenue, or data) or for the cost of obtaining substitute products arising out of or in connection with these terms, however caused, whether such liability arises from any claim based upon contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether or not we've been advised of the possibility of such damages. to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, our total cumulative liability to you or any third party under these terms, from all causes of action and all theories of liability, will be limited to and will not exceed the fees you have actually paid us during the 12 months preceding the claim giving rise to such liability.

You understand and agree that we have set our prices and entered into these terms with you in reliance upon the limitations of liability set forth in these terms, which allocate risk between us and form the basis of a bargain between the parties.

5. Nothing in these terms shall affect any legal right you may have.

6. If any provision or provisions of these Terms of Service shall be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

7. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to indemnify and hold Gamers Club and its Affiliates harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, proceedings, demands, losses, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and legal costs) of any kind or nature, arising from or relating to, any actual or alleged breach of these terms by you or anyone using your account. If we assume the defense of such a matter, you will reasonably cooperate with us in such defense.

8. Gamers Club's services are protected by copyright, trade secret and other intellectual property laws and treaties.

9. Gamers Club is a registered trademark by its owners and may not in any way be used in any form or condition without the express permission of Gamers Club.

10. Your privacy is very important to us. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, protect, and when we share personal information and other data with others. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information. You are responsible for all activities on your account, and you agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized access or use of your account. We are not responsible or liable for any damage or loss related to any unauthorized access or use of your account.

11. Content available on the platform may incorporate advertising of third parties. You agree that Gamers Club is not responsible for such advertising.

12. The platform may contain links to other third-party websites and online resources. We have not reviewed all of the sites linked to the platform and are not responsible for the contents of any such linked third-party sites. The inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement by or affiliation with us. You should always read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of a third-party website before using it. Use of any such linked website is at your own risk.

13. If any provision of these terms is found to be unlawful or unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from these terms and will not affect the enforceability of any other provisions. The failure by us to enforce any right or provision of these terms will not prevent us from enforcing such right or provision in the future. We may assign our rights and obligations under these terms, including in connection with a merger, acquisition, sale of assets or equity, or by operation of law.

14. These terms constitute the entire agreement between the you and us and supersede and replace all prior or contemporaneous understandings or agreements, written or oral, regarding such subject matter.

15. These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Brazil. We make no representation that our platform is operated in accordance with the laws or regulations of other states, territories, or countries.

16. You agree that any action of whatever nature arising from or relating to these terms, the platform, or services will be filed only in the courts located in city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil. You consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purposes of any such action.

17. Gamers Club may change these Terms of Use at any time. Gamers Club will notify you whenever this happens.